Establishing GraceBound

Grace Bound is an online store that came to pass because of the "love" for window shopping. Yes, you heard correctly, WINDOW shopping. There was always a cute outfit that we envied to wear, yet we didn't have enough money to purchase. Let's be honest, to look good, you gotta spend the money! 

Looking and FEELING good on a daily basis is important for women. But, how can the average female keep up with trends and make fashion statements with a pocket full of nickels and dimes? You can't! For the most part, all we can do is stand back and admire those who can. 

Enough is enough. All women should be able to feel confident and sexy! All women should be able to buy what they want, for prices they can afford! This is where GB came in to save the day. 

We began as an online bikini store and slowly started to expand by adding fashion accessories. We continue to grow and mature as a whole, planning to add more great things for you to enjoy! We've partnered with manufacturers worldwide to get you the best bang for your buck! High quality products for a price you can afford!

So, there you have it. Happy saving!!

Welcome to our family :)


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