How long does it take for my order to be processed and shipped?

It usually takes up to five days for processing and shipping orders, not including the holiday season. For orders placed during this time, it may take up to seven days.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

On the average, shipments usually take about two to three weeks to arrive.

Can I change my size once I've ordered and paid?

You may do so as long as your order has not been processed completely.

Can I exchange my order if the size does not fit?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges at this time. You may return your item and repurchase the correct size.  

Can I order a different size top and bottom for my bikini?

YES! Simply leave us a message and request your sizes.

Where do you get your inventory from?

Here at GraceBound, we strive to give our customers the BEST prices on the market! We shop around and research what we feel will get you the ultimate bang for your buck! Besides the United States, we also have friend companies overseas, such as China :)

Can I purchase something but ship it to someone else?

Absolutely. Make sure the recipient's address is correct in the shipping area.